Enter lil’ Cas

We feel amazingly lucky and privileged to have a healthy newborn in our lives. Castilleja Riley was born on the day of the blue moon, August 31. She weighed 8 pounds and measured a smidge over 20 inches. The whole family is healthy and happy.

Castilleja was named after the Indian paintbrush wildflower which blesses prairies, valleys, scrub and mountainsides. Indian paintbrush is a wonderful mid-summer perennial wildflower that celebrates beauty and versatility.
I’ll be back to blogging once we all settle in a bit.

Much love,

Interface: Transistion: Emergence: 初心

I can’t wait to meet our newest bun in the oven.  My peace around this next stage is understanding where Kaya fits in – the big sister, the inspiration, the teacher.  Kaya, our only child, is hitting amazing notes of language development, taking kinesthetic leaps, and starting to interface with the world around her as a sentient-cognitive being.  It’s an unbelievable process witnessing her mind develop, transition and emerge.  The process has been brisk.  It is also warming; it has also presented up the Buddhist ideal of the “beginner’s mind”, or shoshin. This is shoshin: 初心 – as written (by computer) in Japanese.

There are lots of ideas, books, theorems that have been born in the womb of this quality. You can read your cerebellum blue about the idea.  You can meditate the idea into a form and quality you desire, but I believe that you will fall short until you engage in the empirical experience.  There is nothing greater than acting on what you believe.  The way to discover shoshin is to be a parent.

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Amazing Grace: Growing into a Mother

As many of you know, I’m a dude. I seriously enjoy being a dude for many reasons. Like my muscles look bigger when I have a mustache. And. Beer bellies are kinda cool. And. Back hair makes me look tough. And. I look good in a ratty, stinky trucker hat that I found on the side of the road yesterday. And. My gruffness can be played off as testosterone, when in fact I’m just being, ehem, unbalanced.

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Mainiacs and Other Right Coast Kids

Oh, I'm gonna do it... It's on my bucket list

I had a ridiculous time hanging with the Right Coast F1 generation.  It was super awesome to see you all – I only wish it could have been for longer… I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves. Click on any photo to make it a touch bigger.

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Big Congrats to the Monteau Family

Log Cabin, Surfboards and Jeriel

So I’ve been shooting these friends for many years.  From engagement shots to some wedding action to lil’ bump to baby.  These two (now three!) serve as a real testament to courage and caring winning out the day.  Both have endured some major hiccups (like Ariel can’t drink hoppy beer, jk) and they’ve found a way to make their lives full and help other people fulfill their dreams at the same time.

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Kaya swims with the turtles, and other nature revelations

It's like I'm growing up at the zoo

So it’s been a little over one month since my life really took off.  Nope, not my photography career, or my latest book peaking on the NYT bestseller list, but rather the birth of lil’ Kaya Evelyn.  It’s been an amazing ride and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Truly a miracle – truly its impossible to put into words. Continue reading

Meandering Back to the Place We Were Before

Restored creek channel with a fish ladder for local trout


Cordonices Creek straddles the border between Berkeley and Albany.  Flowing downward from the Berkeley Hills into the Bay, the creek is a prominent fixture of the “flatlands” landscape of the East Bay.  You can see it’s meanders and curves which were once confined to a concrete lined linear flood control channel.  Now, Cordonices is a creek again.

Ohlone interpretive sign

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