The Lighthouse of East Oakland, America

I’ve been lucky to bear witness to a true success story in East Oakland.  It’s not one that hits the papers with splashingly loud colors.  It’s a quiet, conscious, necessary revolution.

It’s something President Obama should be proud of given our current political climate of might and murder over matriculation.  Yes I said it – I value books over bombs.  Especially when a well-funded, organized group of people (educators) can create a climate of success in one of America’s most challenged neighborhoods – East Oakland.  The staff here is central to the success formula. Thank you teachers and administrators!  I’m proud to be a part of this community, whether it’s volunteering or taking pictures.  These folks are true superstars.  Here are a few images from the inside of Lighthouse – a true American success.

Science-class homemade hovercraft

Titration in Science lab

Kindergarden art!

Houses for the future

Future architect

Growing minds, and a garden

Ready to debate

Our future is a bright one if we can remain committed and creative

3 thoughts on “The Lighthouse of East Oakland, America

  1. Lech – I love how you represent our students and our school. What a masterful eye to capture such a beautiful message.

  2. This is beautiful! I love the images and the passion behind them. Our kids and their experience is well represented! Thanks!!

  3. Thanks Jenna and Yael – it’s truly been a transformative experience living the success you all have had at Lighthouse. It’s no small feat, thanks for your dedication.
    With admiration,

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