Fremontia Cover – Celebrating 50 Years of the California Native Plant Society

10MB Fremontia Hill Cover-30-40-LechN-18x24print

Click for full sized image.

The 50th year memorial cover is a mosaic of 2,700 photographs by 26 CNPS member-photographers. The final image created is a partial reproduction of Thomas Hill’s famous 1869 painting titled “Indian by a Lake in the Majestic California Landscape”.

remastered light - Thomas_Hill_-_Indian_by_a_lake_in_a_majestic_California_landscape

Although the exact location has never been determined, the original painting reflects an aesthetic and wildness that many of our members cherish. Additionally, Hill included native peoples in the image, acknowleging their place in the landscape. In celebration of our 50 years, this cover also celebrates the cooperative and giving nature of our members who helped make this mosaic a reality.

The photo mosaic was compiled and created by Lech Naumovich. The following photographers donated images:

Aaron Sims
Allan Schoenherr
Allison Kidder
Becky Reilly
Bob Allen
Brian Knapp
Dan Quinn
David Nelson
Earle Nance
Elizabeth Venrick
Heath Bartosh
Jeb Bjerke
Jennifer Buck-Diaz
Judy Kramer
Lech Naumovich
Lorna Cunkle
Lynn Watson
Lynn Watson
Neal Kramer
Reny Parker
Roger Raiche
Scott Loarie
Stacey Flowerdew
Stephen Ingram
Toni Corelli
William Davis

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