Happy New Year!

Cassie in the snowy woods sml

It’s always difficult drifting into a new year for me. I never feel quite ready to release the last one – for all its memories, love, fun, adventure and emotion. Letting go is very hard for me, something I’m always working on. I never want the year to end… endings can feel so lonely to me.

In December of this year, a great hero of our civilization passed on and I guess for 2014 I’d like to integrate his words into all I try to do. Nelson Mandela was amazing in so many ways. A fearless, selfless leader who shared smiles regularly. He was a unifier, a communicator, a savior to many. Continue reading

Not a bad place for a birthday or bachelor party or thoughts on impermanence

location: Twin Lakes, Desolation Wilderness.

Twin Lakes pano small

180 Degree Panorama of Twin Lakes – Desolation Wilderness – Click to enlarge the photo. Original is almost 10,000 pixels wide making for a great 5 foot long print!


Perseid showers overhead.  It’s 3 am and I’m slightly wh’skeyed. I think that Krishnamurti’s August 10th mediation says it best: Continue reading

My 100th post: Thoughts on Rain, Boundaries, Inspiration

A tribute to another photographer who sometimes had rain and sometimes sun. Either way he created amazing images from embracing nature.

A tribute to another photographer who sometimes had rain and sometimes sun. Either way he created amazing images from embracing nature. Into Yosemite Valley – circa 2010.

Rain is the force of life in Mediterranean climates. It’s not simply a thing that happens here or there – rather it defines wet and dry seasons. It creates possibilities for birds, worms and salmon alike. Today it’s raining here. It’s quite a surprise for the end of June, but I wanted to embrace it. It’s a beautiful caesura in the parching season of the hot, dry summer which is forecast for 2013. Enjoy the rain, the anomalous rain and all the life it brings at the most unpredictable moments. Continue reading

Celebrating Point Molate Through Art


I am very blessed to be taking part in a very unique conservation art show. This event is dedicated to celebrating an environment that was nearly lost to a poorly planned development.  A citizens group from Richmond was one of the few advocates for protecting the Richmond shoreline. In what I would call the Golden Age of conservation in the Bay Area, most conservation organizations either supported developing the shoreline into a casino or quietly refused to comment. Conservation as a greater entity failed. I was angry, sad, and broken as I worked on this project as both a photographer and a conservation biologist.

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2012: A Year in Review – An ebook look into Lech Naumovich Photography

2012 ebook previewI’ve been working on trying to recap and learn from my past year of photography. This year, for the first time, I’ve taken on creating an ebook with my 16 favorite images, and offering it as a sort of brief, updated portfolio. Continue reading

Dr. Martin Luther King Day

The sleepiness of December weighs heavily on me every year. I feel like the new year is a time for reset, but for the most part I don’t feel like I’m in peak shape, or creativity, and certainly not productivity.  But then the day to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream arrives and I personally feel like my life becomes refocused, and reinvigorated. Take a moment – listen to one of his speeches – get inspired by his voice and delivery. He was truly an amazing human being.

writing on the wall

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Interface: Transistion: Emergence: 初心

I can’t wait to meet our newest bun in the oven.  My peace around this next stage is understanding where Kaya fits in – the big sister, the inspiration, the teacher.  Kaya, our only child, is hitting amazing notes of language development, taking kinesthetic leaps, and starting to interface with the world around her as a sentient-cognitive being.  It’s an unbelievable process witnessing her mind develop, transition and emerge.  The process has been brisk.  It is also warming; it has also presented up the Buddhist ideal of the “beginner’s mind”, or shoshin. This is shoshin: 初心 – as written (by computer) in Japanese.

There are lots of ideas, books, theorems that have been born in the womb of this quality. You can read your cerebellum blue about the idea.  You can meditate the idea into a form and quality you desire, but I believe that you will fall short until you engage in the empirical experience.  There is nothing greater than acting on what you believe.  The way to discover shoshin is to be a parent.

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Turning a new leaf, growing a garden in 2012


Thanks everyone for all the amazing support in 2012.  My wife, Kaya, my dear friends have all been a blessing.  I love you all. 

Here are a few thoughts for 2012.  New leaves, new gardens. 

-Be a role model.  I’ve been lucky and fortunate, and I want to share the fruits of that.  I want to grow a kind,attached community.  This includes: be a great dad, inspire the next generation of land stewards, provide love to my wife and dearest. 

– Define physical structure in my life. Get into a pattern and groove with climbing, running, biking.  Do it regularly. Create a practice. 

– Take the extra time to explain.  Don’t rush through the teaching moments.  Cherish them as they are what I most strive for on any given “scheduled” course. Even if I’m late or stressed, take the time.  Identify and embrace these moments.

– Reach out and connect with new people.  Go beyond talking.  Communicate and reflect.  Return again once some time and perspective have blossomed.  Limit the one-and-done interactions. 

– Take time to find the light.  It’s always worth it. 

– Diffuse anxiety.  Don’t let the emotions of others cloud over my sun.  Be aware of the situation and digest it. Be independent in spirit and will.  Create leadership – create my own weather. As appropriate, be sensitive, but immune. 

– Start a conversation with forgiveness. Find its role in my life.  Most importantly, find ways to access it in the toughest of situations.  Create a path, walk it, maintain it. 


*Writen in Pasadena, CA. Rose bowl RV campground.


Near Miss Photos – The Ultimate Educator

I was reading a thought-provoking blog post on professional development by photographer Don Giannatti at Lighting Essentials.  Don was taking questions on twitter and he got asked a great question on taking photography to the next level.  It’s something I’ve been thinking of, and frankly I think that many serious photographers are toiling with this question regularly.  Here’s an excerpt from Don’s response on his blog – a “to do” list if you will: Continue reading

Nezinscot Farm: Turner, Maine – Where Medium is Perfect

The Goats of Nezinscot

I recently returned from a summer trip to Maine.  One of my favorite stops along our journey was a small farm in Turner, Maine.  Turner is a quintessential rural town with no stop lights, one school, and a rich dose of americana flowing through its veins.  People here tend to work with their hands, awake with the sun and roosters.  Nezinscot Farm is a 250 acre farm that produces organic vegetables, decadent cheeses, and healthy meat.

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