Good relationships are the foundation of great projects. Please feel free to call me at [510 four nine five 5885] so that we can see if our values and work ethic will allow us to work together. I love meeting new folks with new perspectives that have open minds and enjoy the creative process. That’s the kind of person I am.  The goal here is to honor everyone’s time and commitment. I’m completely open about my prices since I believe in the value of my work.

Since people always ask, I have attached a general payment schedule below.  These prices are only advisory since every occasion is unique and must be assessed individually.  Custom arrangements and contracts are encouraged.  I will work to meet your budget!  Please note that the “per event” rates do not include my travel time, nor extra refinishing and delivery of photos.  One “shooting” hour often includes 3-5 preparation and processing hours that are included in the price.  What have we been doing recently – click here for our blog.


Sweet Lil’ Wedding package: 4 hours of active shooting (2 photographers), ~300 high resolution digital files (jpg). Engagement session and in-person meeting included with wedding package. $2000

Grand Wedding package: 8 hours of active shooting (2 photographers), ~600 high resolution digital files (jpg) delivered with either a) 1 large archival quality 11×14″ framed print or b) 16×20 Canvas print. Engagement session and in-person meeting included with wedding package. $3500

Wedding additions: We can add a fun, easy to use photobooth for the reception for $250. Bridal photo session (prior to the wedding day) can be arranged. Travel and destination/overnight costs are determined on a per-wedding basis. Assistant photographer can be excluded (not recommended) from event and pricing by subtracting $100 for a half day or $200 for the full day.

Other Engagements

Professional/Family/Individual Portrait session at your location: $325 for 1 hour session, $450 for 2 hours. Extended travel may cost extra. Maximum 6 people for the one hour session.

Editorial work: Please email us with a description of desired images and we will return an estimate.
Headshots – Corporate and Not-so-corporate: We have a mobile studio that allows us to take on-site headshots or portraits of your company personal. Please inquire about our hourly rates that return high quality headshots to your business quickly and professionally. We do all color and black & white finishes to suit your branding needs.

9-Little things matter - CRNon-Profit work: Please send a detailed request of needs, expectations and budget.  I am a non-profit man by choice and I understand the challenges of making an organization work like a successful business. Work is billed on a sliding scale.

Referrals: If you are a past client and bring new work to me, I will donate 1% of the session fee to a non-profit of your choice.  Thanks for supporting all the little people out there.

My Gear: People are also interested in the equipment I use.  Although I am a believer that any camera can take a fantastic photo with a knowledgeable person behind the lens, I also value fine craftsmanship and professional equipment.  I own a couple of professional cameras (Canon 5DMKiii, 5DMKii, 6D full frame cameras), a variety of lenses (primes, wide angle, and telephotos), and I have a mobile flash kit (off camera flashes with umbrellas and softboxes by Paul C. Buff).


As a paying client, you will get full shared rights to all the images we deliver to you via DVD, USB thumb drive, or Dropbox. We do not watermark our images or charge exorbitant printing fees. We do provide some specialty prints such as prints on art papers, wood block transfers, custom framed canvas, and metal prints. Please inquire with Lech personally.