What Conservation Is and Isn’t… 2015 thoughts and a late january desktop image

So it’s now well past the half way point of January and still no calendar. It’s been busy for sure, but more importantly, my mind has been filled with how I create the impact I dream of. The impact that … Continue reading

Tips and Tricks: A workshop with National Geographic

Iris douglasii coming into bloom.

Iris douglasii coming into bloom.

I’m very excited to be working with NATGEO this afternoon helping photographers get the most out of their camera! The 2014 Bioblitz is already looking to be a tremendous success as more people get out and learn about the natural resources in the Bay Area’s Golden Gate National Recreation Area. I hope to see you all out there geeking out on nature!

Model What?

So, it’s a bit of a stretch from conservation to the world of glamor. But hey, conservation work can be glamorous at times… right?

As most of you know, I don’t usually stumble into the world of bright strobe lights, make-up, outfits, and striking a pose – well at least not for work!  Headshots, photo-booths, portraiture all feels comfortable with me working to expose what exists. This felt a bit different. I had a captive audience trained to be photographed professionally. This made all the difference.

SF MAS portraits full--4

When I saw the SF Meet and Shoot group offer its inaugural meetup focused on models and glamor I decided, why not. I had never worked in such a fashion – no pun intended – and I was interested to see how different it would be from my shoots.  Well- it was different. Most notably, the ability to direct became critical. The range of emotion a model can pull out of a hat is amazing. Truly. Now, I understand Blue Steel in all its glory.

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Photography Workshop Registration Closes Today

research plot Tulare HillI’m very excited to be teaching a workshop on photography that is being sponsored by the California Native Grasslands Association.  

The workshop is a full 8-hour engagement with myself and photographer Jim Coleman of the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center.  We will be catering specifically to thinking about outdoors photography with an eye on conservation and site documentation. That doesn’t mean we won’t offer some basic ideas, themes and concepts to improve anyone’s photography (and if I remembered half the things I teach, I’d be a better photographer too!). We only have a limited number of spots remaining (in keeping with our class size of less than 15)!

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2012: A Year in Review – An ebook look into Lech Naumovich Photography

2012 ebook previewI’ve been working on trying to recap and learn from my past year of photography. This year, for the first time, I’ve taken on creating an ebook with my 16 favorite images, and offering it as a sort of brief, updated portfolio. Continue reading

Leah and Jonah engaged

Many of my wedding photography appointments have been initiated with “We’re getting married and, so and so recommended we talk to you.”  And I can’t imagine a better way to start things off.  There’s no pretense, only a conversation.  I don’t apply for any awards on Martha Stewart’s Weddings or the Knot so no one comes in expecting a $10K photography extravaganza that may be on the cover of some wedding association magazine.  I just talk, listen, dream, collaborate, plan, and shoot.  The results are pretty rad. (Or so the couples say!)

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Near Miss Photos – The Ultimate Educator

I was reading a thought-provoking blog post on professional development by photographer Don Giannatti at Lighting Essentials.  Don was taking questions on twitter and he got asked a great question on taking photography to the next level.  It’s something I’ve been thinking of, and frankly I think that many serious photographers are toiling with this question regularly.  Here’s an excerpt from Don’s response on his blog – a “to do” list if you will: Continue reading

Celebrating the 4th Annual Worldwide Photowalk, Garber Parl – Oakland

At this years photowalk I decided to take on the role of “walk leader”.  I’m 100% happy with that decision and had a wonderful crew of photographers make my first lead an enjoyable and productive day.  Lots of people came with all sorts of different skills and interests and it was great to talk with almost everyone personally.  Thanks crew!

Swordfern reaching out

We had 27 people sign up for the walk, while only about 20 actually showed to the event.  That’s not too bad of a ratio considering its a free event.  We had attendees all the way from Yuba City to Pinole, to Walnut Creek, Pleasanton, and North Bay.  I was truly flattered!  We did a loop hike in what I call a “backyard wilderness” – Garber Park – Oakland, CA.   Continue reading

Triple Threat Photos coming…

Folks, I shot some 200 billion million photos on June 18th, and they required my computer to request a vacation.

No really, I have a few shots I’ll share as a teaser – many more to come either via me/TnT/other mechanism… Here are a couple of teasers – for those who like to be teased.

Also, I’m trying out the logo thing on these.  Branding, oh branding, how it hurts. 🙂

Oh yeah, and in case you were wondering – this event was AWESOME – all 128 miles and nearly 11,000 vertical feet of Bay Area road biking.

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