Leah and Jonah engaged

Many of my wedding photography appointments have been initiated with “We’re getting married and, so and so recommended we talk to you.”  And I can’t imagine a better way to start things off.  There’s no pretense, only a conversation.  I don’t apply for any awards on Martha Stewart’s Weddings or the Knot so no one comes in expecting a $10K photography extravaganza that may be on the cover of some wedding association magazine.  I just talk, listen, dream, collaborate, plan, and shoot.  The results are pretty rad. (Or so the couples say!)

It’s really an amazing experience to build a relationship and a wedding story with a couple.  The couple gets to interview me, talk about my experiences, and I also get to interview them.  The fit needs to be mutual.  It’s not a financially driven enterprise, but rather one driven by vision and passion.  Money won’t get you great pictures – it’s the time you invest, the situations you create, the conversations you share, and the planning and willingness you bring.  I work with couples who are willing to work on painting their story.  I’m much happier working with an active, engaged couple on a $3000 wedding than trying to recreate expectations that ain’t for $6000.  Photographers document magic, they don’t create it.

The above shot is what I call candidly posed.  We worked in some elements that Leah and Jonah liked, and then I worked on acting silly (which isn’t too difficult for me).  These two have huge personalities and carry lots of love so it was easy to work with them on bringing nature, sunlight, and openness to the forefront of their images.  Congrats to Leah and Jonah!  You two rock!

So here’s to many more great weddings this year!

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