Graduating Courage

My wife makes amazing happen regularly.  And yes, it is a noun.

She helps create a positive environment for kids that allows them to reach their potential and become the next leaders to break glass ceilings and brick walls alike.  This is a quick post to celebrate the 4th ever graduating class of seniors from an East Oakland revolutionary charter school named Lighthouse.

These kids don’t have it easy.  In fact, they’ve plainly had it hard.  They’ve had the world telling them that the odds are against them.  And the world is correct.  But odds are only numbers.  They are devoid of personality and humanity.  And courage. These are the qualities that beat odds.  Odds should be motivators, not prescriptions.  Odds create dreams, rather than destroy them.  Read more about the odds here.

95% of all Lighthouse graduates have been accepted to a four-year college, while 100% of them are working towards continuing their education, growth, and development.  This is where amazing happens.

Congrats to the grads, the faculty and the staff that have continued to create access to the American Dream and fulfill its promise.

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