Altride, 2012 – Snapshots of an epic ride

128 miles.

12,000 vertical feet.

3 major Bay Area landmark summits.

1 day.

This is Alt.

This is a story about the triumph of the public. In a time when many of our public goods are deteriorating, there are people out there who are still making the best of what we have. And luckily, one idea that we do have a lot of is “access”. Namely, it’s access to public land at affordable rates. The Bay Area Open Space Council’s project entitled Transit and Trails provides a wonderfully easy answer to “how do we get from our house to parks and open space without getting in a personal car.”

I’m so proud of the people who have put this together. I’m proud to say they’re some of my best friends.

The Altride celebrates access times ten. In fact, it answers the question – Is it possible to ride Mount Hamilton (South Bay), Mount Tam (North Bay), and Diablo (East Bay) all in one day without a car?


And yes, since you’re wondering, it’s not for everyone… and you will get worked.

I think it’s safe to say that everyone got worked this year. If it wasn’t the pure mileage, it was the 104 degrees of heat on Mt. Diablo, the last and steepest peak. All said, 18 of the 21 riders who set out to summit all 3 peaks were successful. Many riders were cheery, even chipper, in these extreme conditions.

After waking at 4 am and chasing riders until 9 pm I think I am officially bushed (yes, as the lame photographer). I might just sleep under a starry sky like this one that graced us at Joesph Grant County Park on Friday night. Yeah, this is the way to start off an epic ride.

I can’t tell you how watching many of my close friends work through this ride was empowering. It was tiring and tough. I witnessed really, really tough people struggle through unbearable heat. It was an emotional day. They are heroes in my mind. They are souls who care about creating a successful organized ride to help raise awareness about public transit, access, the nature that makes us whole.

Most importantly thanks to all the sponsors, land managers, troopers, and supporters who made this just totally awesome. I can’t start to name them all but please do give them a thanks when you see them. Heck, just give ’em a hug.

Lastly, and most vitally, a huge thanks to the BAOSC crew who has continued to prioritize this ride and make it a success – Ry, Annie, and Andrea. This is the heartbeat that made this happen.

Some parting shots. Rally on! More photos to come… after a two day nap or so.

(click on any photo to enlarge)

5 thoughts on “Altride, 2012 – Snapshots of an epic ride

    • Thanks Ann for the sweet comment, and everyone else who has sent me personal emails. I thank you for all your support and cheering. A special thanks to the TnT crew!

  1. Great photos Lech.. you are a genius… did you get any of the giant dragon flies that kept whacking me in the face on the swooping descent as the sun set…? Claire

    • Claire,
      Those dragonflies were truly amazing. In fact, the final pic from the summit shows them EVERYWHERE! That was truly an awesome ending… oh yeah, and that sunset wasn’t too shabby either 🙂

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