The Most Unique Bike Ride of the Bay Area – ALT

Bikes. Are. Rad.

That’s all there really is to say about these two-wheeled creatures.  They’re stylish, sleek, hardy, solid little engineered chunks of steel that provide a unique experience.  They are THE way to travel over land in my perspective.  I wish I could do all my field work on bike.

This is a little project in which I got to do quite a bit of it via two wheels.

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Celebrating Independence… from Cars – Transit and Trail Triple Threat Photojournal

Sky Islands in Mt. Hamilton country

I’ll start this one off by thanking the Bay Area Open Space Council & Transit and Trails for helping create a movement in which people are excited to enjoy the outdoors without contributing to our carbon-pregnant atmosphere.  This celebrates American independence in so many ways.  It celebrates ingenuity.  It celebrates access for all.   It celebrates the kinetic power of human flesh.  Our bodies are amazing tools for enjoying life.  We must take care of them.  Yeah, human flesh, that’s pretty cool huh?

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Triple Threat Photos coming…

Folks, I shot some 200 billion million photos on June 18th, and they required my computer to request a vacation.

No really, I have a few shots I’ll share as a teaser – many more to come either via me/TnT/other mechanism… Here are a couple of teasers – for those who like to be teased.

Also, I’m trying out the logo thing on these.  Branding, oh branding, how it hurts. 🙂

Oh yeah, and in case you were wondering – this event was AWESOME – all 128 miles and nearly 11,000 vertical feet of Bay Area road biking.

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Big Congrats to the Monteau Family

Log Cabin, Surfboards and Jeriel

So I’ve been shooting these friends for many years.  From engagement shots to some wedding action to lil’ bump to baby.  These two (now three!) serve as a real testament to courage and caring winning out the day.  Both have endured some major hiccups (like Ariel can’t drink hoppy beer, jk) and they’ve found a way to make their lives full and help other people fulfill their dreams at the same time.

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Transit and Trails Adventure through the East Bay – size does matter

Sensor photo by Andrew Magill

Gear Talk

Sensor size does matter.

This is probably the most important but least uttered pair of words for the average camera consumer.  The devil’s in the details right.  Yes, and by the way, those details don’t get any better if you’re collecting light (a photographic image) at 10.1 MP or 14.1 MP or 39.1 MP on a 7.6 X 5.7 mm sensor typical of most compact cameras.  Yup, that Nikon Coolpix 8000X you just paid double for (because it now has 14.2 MP) is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.  Get this – the sensor is only about 5 x 3.5 millimeters. Yup, that’s the size of  pluto on a clear night.  Tiny.

Do yourself a big favor, if you’re interested in a new camera, then read thisRead it again in case you skipped it.  [Yes, that was the same link twice, but I was always taught to ask twice.]

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Transit and Trails Hike: SF Civic Center to Muir Beach and back

Many folks hiking the new Diaz Ridge Fire Trail

So there’s this really cool trend that my car-o-phobic friends have started.  Well, they’re not completely anti-car, actually they just believe in using the car ALOT less than the average American does.  Let’s call this movement Transit and Trails.  The basic idea is that the public transit system (especially in the Bay Area) can connect the average weekend warrior with quite a few really cool spots.  For instance, you can go to the TnT site and find a trailhead, or a featured hike, and then it will help determine how to use public transit to be car-free for the journey.

We’ve ridden the three highest peaks in the Bay Area (Ham, Tam and Diablo – The Triple Threat) in one day using the transit system.  It’s great for one-way bike rides – say Tracy to San Jose.  It’s also nice for getting to nearly any East Bay Regional Park.  It’s great for one-way hikes like the trip we just completed from the Marin Headlands to Muir Beach and ending in Muir Woods.

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