Big Congrats to the Monteau Family

Log Cabin, Surfboards and Jeriel

So I’ve been shooting these friends for many years.  From engagement shots to some wedding action to lil’ bump to baby.  These two (now three!) serve as a real testament to courage and caring winning out the day.  Both have endured some major hiccups (like Ariel can’t drink hoppy beer, jk) and they’ve found a way to make their lives full and help other people fulfill their dreams at the same time.

The Big Day

Ariel helps make the babies of Oakland take their first breath.  As a delivery nurse, she gets to help expectant (I mean laboring) mothers tame their emotions and fears.  She served as our doula during our journey.  We were blessed.

Ariel, almost there...

Jereme, or Jmoe, or, well I won’t print that nickname, is a consummate professional.  He’s an amazing story of a self-taught programmer who uses his skill and creativity to make the world a warmer place.  One recent project, Transit and Trails, helps keep our little earth a little cooler and increase affordable access to open spaces via public transit.

Jereme meditating on Transit and Trails

Welcome Orion Daniel Monteau.  He was born yesterday.  It was a very, very special day.  You have some special parents to guide you along the way.

Welcome Orion!

The belly is now diminishing.  But the memories are fond, and forever…

Three's company

Round and in love

Congrats to you three.  Much love from our end.  We’re so happy to grow up with you guys.

(Oh, and thanks for mowing the lawn)


4 thoughts on “Big Congrats to the Monteau Family

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  2. I am so proud of Ariel & Jereme, for their many accomplishments and also for the wonderful partners and parents they are. The community you all share warms my cockles, fer danged shure.

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