Published: Fremontia Cover – 50th Year Anniversary

I’m honored to have compiled the California Native Plant Society cover for the 50th Year Anniversary Issue. This cover includes the photographic work of 25 photographers who have helped realize the mission of this great non-profit. The 50th year memorial … Continue reading

Picture Stewardship: Photography presentation at CNPS

13-wildland stewardship

I’m excited to be presenting some photographs at the East Bay Chapter of the California Native Plant Society’s Membership slide show. This should be a really fantastic evening of people who will share images from all around the East Bay and even greater Bay Area I bet. I know a couple of the other photographers presenting and they will have some great images. Presenters must register in advance and here are more details on the evening:
I personally hope to offer a ten minute insight into the power of imagery with the goal of celebrating the value of human stewardship of our wildlands. It will be a quick taste of how I use the camera as a tool and why you (as an advocate for nature) should too. Create depth – connections – interest in your images.

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Photography as a dimensional bridge: Annie Leibovitz and other thoughts

Copy of star-trails-cr-logoI often look to the internet for inspiration. I’ll have a quick minute as I’m brainstorming a project and look to my favorite places for both new photographers and techniques, as well as our predecessors.

In July, I read an interesting interview of Annie Leibovitz recently found in Fast Company magazine. It was brief and certainly didn’t allow for her to expound on her ideas, but the brevity inspired me to think a little more (NOTE TO FAST COMPANY: Annie has experienced such an incredibly complex life with huge leaps and bounds in inspiration and style, so this was an amazing opportunity spoiled by going, well, too Fast). She was critical in watering the seed of a nascent Rolling Stone Magazine with images – like John and Yoko lying in bed (note: gut wrenching story behind it), pics of the Stones proper, and this one I just love of Willie Nelson – perfection. Continue reading

Northern Coast Portrait Bike Tour

Bragg2SF-Lechphoto--4I’m very lucky to have ambitious and inspired friends like Ryan. He constantly pushes all around him to make people more conscious, more involved, more informed, and more fit. Yes, more fit, might be the best description for a buddy who now has a term that describes the process wherein one begins a cursory run or bike ride only to realize that the perfunctory nature of the workout slowly morphs into a point-of-no-return epic endurance event.
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Graduating Courage

My wife makes amazing happen regularly.  And yes, it is a noun.

She helps create a positive environment for kids that allows them to reach their potential and become the next leaders to break glass ceilings and brick walls alike.  This is a quick post to celebrate the 4th ever graduating class of seniors from an East Oakland revolutionary charter school named Lighthouse.

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Point Molate – A Beach with a Cause

This Earth Day I took to one of my favorite places in the East Bay.  It’s a place burdened with the anticipation of grandeur.  Instead, it’s a quiet peninsula on Richmond’s long Bay coastline.  This peninsula has celebrated many lives, being reborn almost every 20-30 years.  Point Molate has borne names synonymous with great wine, native cultures, Chinese fishing, Naval power, and most recently poorly conceived casino proposals.  Now it carries a new moniker – Hope. Continue reading