Celebrating Point Molate Through Art


I am very blessed to be taking part in a very unique conservation art show. This event is dedicated to celebrating an environment that was nearly lost to a poorly planned development.  A citizens group from Richmond was one of the few advocates for protecting the Richmond shoreline. In what I would call the Golden Age of conservation in the Bay Area, most conservation organizations either supported developing the shoreline into a casino or quietly refused to comment. Conservation as a greater entity failed. I was angry, sad, and broken as I worked on this project as both a photographer and a conservation biologist.

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Point Molate – A Beach with a Cause

This Earth Day I took to one of my favorite places in the East Bay.  It’s a place burdened with the anticipation of grandeur.  Instead, it’s a quiet peninsula on Richmond’s long Bay coastline.  This peninsula has celebrated many lives, being reborn almost every 20-30 years.  Point Molate has borne names synonymous with great wine, native cultures, Chinese fishing, Naval power, and most recently poorly conceived casino proposals.  Now it carries a new moniker – Hope. Continue reading