2012: A Year in Review – An ebook look into Lech Naumovich Photography

2012 ebook previewI’ve been working on trying to recap and learn from my past year of photography. This year, for the first time, I’ve taken on creating an ebook with my 16 favorite images, and offering it as a sort of brief, updated portfolio. Continue reading

Point Molate – A Beach with a Cause

This Earth Day I took to one of my favorite places in the East Bay.  It’s a place burdened with the anticipation of grandeur.  Instead, it’s a quiet peninsula on Richmond’s long Bay coastline.  This peninsula has celebrated many lives, being reborn almost every 20-30 years.  Point Molate has borne names synonymous with great wine, native cultures, Chinese fishing, Naval power, and most recently poorly conceived casino proposals.  Now it carries a new moniker – Hope. Continue reading

LoFi, Fo Fum – Reducing dynamic range in finished photos and liking it

So there’s a big push to well, push. I’m not just talking about climbing harder or running faster, but I’m also talking about contrasting more. Yup.  Got to push those highs just into the yellow zone before they blow out, and well, those blacks need to be a hair above “no information” and what do you have – a high dynamic range photo that techno-colorizes the world. (click on any image to enlarge)

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Amazing Grace: Growing into a Mother

As many of you know, I’m a dude. I seriously enjoy being a dude for many reasons. Like my muscles look bigger when I have a mustache. And. Beer bellies are kinda cool. And. Back hair makes me look tough. And. I look good in a ratty, stinky trucker hat that I found on the side of the road yesterday. And. My gruffness can be played off as testosterone, when in fact I’m just being, ehem, unbalanced.

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