Amazing Grace: Growing into a Mother

As many of you know, I’m a dude. I seriously enjoy being a dude for many reasons. Like my muscles look bigger when I have a mustache. And. Beer bellies are kinda cool. And. Back hair makes me look tough. And. I look good in a ratty, stinky trucker hat that I found on the side of the road yesterday. And. My gruffness can be played off as testosterone, when in fact I’m just being, ehem, unbalanced.

But I’ll tell you what I can’t ever be. Pregnant. And let me tell you that weeks 8 thru 18 aren’t something I’m missing. But I gotta say it’s a pretty special thing to carry a little one, right? The concept is certainly special. Even if I could just seahorse it for a bit.

It takes courage, humility, femininity, and humor. Maybe all things I’m short on somedays… maybe everyday. Maybe that’s why I love the maternity shots. They celebrate womanhood like nothing else. They are the essence of humanity. Although there are hiccups along the way (sorry baby) the predominant adjectives that come to mind are graceful, kind, centered… amazing.

Here are a few women, and couples, who let me photograph them in their moments.


2 thoughts on “Amazing Grace: Growing into a Mother

  1. I love your creative, fresh perspectives.

    Ariel mowing the lawn cracks me up every time I see it. So awesome.

    If we ever run the relay again, the next theme for sweet:cheeks should be barefoot and pregnant.

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