Published: Fremontia Cover – 50th Year Anniversary

Fremontia 50 Yr Cover Lechphoto smlI’m honored to have compiled the California Native Plant Society cover for the 50th Year Anniversary Issue. This cover includes the photographic work of 25 photographers who have helped realize the mission of this great non-profit. The 50th year memorial cover is a mosaic of 2,700 photographs. The final image created is a partial reproduction of Thomas Hill’s famous 1869 painting titled “Indian by a Lake in the Majestic California Landscape”. This wonderful painting elicits for many of us nature lovers: solitude, adventure, aesthetics, solitude, simplicity, grandeur, select community. There’s nothing quite like taking in that view of the mountains with some of your dearest and closest friends. Here’s to them and the 10,000 CNPS advocates.


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