After the December storm Claremont Cyn 3x1 sml-1642My specialty is connecting people with conservation, restoration, working landscapes and nature. The goal of my personal creative work is to celebrate the integral connection between the environment and people.  This connection is so much more than resource use – the connection is reason why we have the opportunity to live rich, engaged lives.  The environmental movement oftentimes overemphasizes how we as humans have created a huge mess.  This creates a perceived conflict with limited resolution.  I search for scenes that celebrate a dynamic relationship.  Through my images, I try to present a message of hope, a visual reminder that such faults can be redressed, and the relationship can flourish.

documenting before the solar boom - humans rqd_edited-1My message is Conservation: Humans Required.

That said, I enjoy doing a variety of work and meeting a variety of new people who are building connections, relationships, and growing a better world for us all. I ask that you commit to being a part of the creative process. I want to know what it is you want to see, what you want others to see, and also, what you don’t want to share in this process. I look forward to meeting you, learning from you, and creating with you – all through the art of photography. I highly encourage a phone call, early in the process, to ensure that we can work together effectively to best meet your aspirations. The act of photography is supposed to be intimate, revealing, and challenging. Expect nothing less, but do expect to have fun!

TRIAMO trip v2 smaller text sml

Lech is a member of the Wedding Photographers Association, Canon Professional Services, and regularly contributes to publications and media in the Bay Area and throughout California. We have more (and different) updates at Lech Naumovich Photography on Facebook – Like Us to get the beta.

We have proudly partnered with the following groups/media:BCB on Amsinckia web-4206

Huffington Post

Getty Images

Bay Nature Institute

The Nature Conservancy

Bay Area Open Space Council

California Native Plant Society

California Native Grasslands Association

Greenbelt Alliance

Transit and Trails

Bay Citizen

Diablo Magazine



and many more local conservation groups and clients…

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