I happily photograph a few weddings every year. I love weddings with the right couple. I am especially choosy with my weddings because I want to make sure that I will be able to develop a strong relationship with the couple and create the images that they desire. I want the couple to be amazed, and I want to feel fulfilled.

I want to make sure we share some integral values and notably respect around the place nature occupies in our lives.  I ask that the couple participate in the creative process. I listen. I ask lots of questions. I ask for your creativity.

Let’s start with a conversation. Please call at your convenience.

My wedding packages start at $1900 for a half day and can be upgraded to a full day for $3400. The all-inclusive package for a multi-day wedding runs $5000. My extras include a timer-released photo-fun-booth that celebrates a sense of place, film exposures, and day-after (trash the dress) photos. Travel is extra.

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