Lupine seed collection THPAWWorkshops are a great way to get together and learn first hand from professionals in the field. Personally, there is nothing quite as instructional as having a small-group in-person workshop where people can interact and synergistically make the best out of a limited time period with a photo pro. Workshops should be fun, and I will try my best to maintain levity in our instruction. The goal is not to overwhelm students with technical information, but rather to open up new avenues for you to reach your creative goals. And yes, we’ll help with the process of defining some creative goals in every project you take on.

I believe that workshops should:

  • present information in an accessible and professional manner
  • be well-organized but always allow for some “unplanned time” where the workshop can embrace the surroundings/situation and build upon the occasion: opportunistic learning
  • allow for in-field shooting – e.g. hand-on shooting
  • allow for active participation through questions and discussions kept to a manageable level

PPworkshop triptych

We are currently planning two workshops in the next 6 months … and maybe a couple more if there’s demand:


1. Spring 2014: A private 6-hour field-based workshop limited to 5 photographers on creating images with a DSLR. Our past experience shows that we get high quality participants who are engaged and fun. At this size, we can cater to individual needs while still benefiting from group knowledge and dynamics. Based on my 15 years of teaching field courses (of all kinds), I believe that these small group conditions create “peak instruction experience” with minimal logistical impact.

Here’s some info on the Jan. 4 Point Pinole workshop – we plan on repeating one of similar fashion on February 1st in SF. Whenever there’s a critical mass of 3 people are interested, we can make custom, private workshops happen. Email me to join an existing workshop or plan your own/personal small group. $150 per attendee, includes lunch and bad jokes. 

2. Spring/Summer 2015: An  8 hour intensive workshop sponsored by the California Native Grasslands Association on Conservation Photography: taking and post-processing images. Here’s a write-up from the Fall 2013 workshop.

3. Spring/Summer 2015: Making a gorgeous landscape as big as your wall. A serious class that will hug the sunset hours and go inside to postprocess the images we shoot (Imagine a workshop from 3pm thru 9pm). The goal is to produce a fantastic panoramic image with multiple exposures. You’ll learn some really neat landscape techniques and you’ll get a chance to try out various filters and gear. You’ll also learn how to get the equivalent of a medium format quality image using multiple exposures and Photoshop elements (the more affordable Adobe option). Deliverable is one nice large landscape photo that you created. 6 Hours – Limit 4 persons – $150.

Fields, OR - at the foot of Steens Mountain. Final image is some 15,000 pixels in length - large enough to print 6 feet long.

Fields, OR – at the foot of Steens Mountain. Final image is some 18,000 pixels in length – large enough for an exhibition print extending 6 feet.

Please email me if you’re interested in either and I will send along details on how to secure a spot. Almost all workshops have filled to the registration limit.

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