Picture Stewardship: Photography presentation at CNPS

13-wildland stewardship

I’m excited to be presenting some photographs at the East Bay Chapter of the California Native Plant Society’s Membership slide show. This should be a really fantastic evening of people who will share images from all around the East Bay and even greater Bay Area I bet. I know a couple of the other photographers presenting and they will have some great images. Presenters must register in advance and here are more details on the evening: http://ebcnps.org/meetings/.
I personally hope to offer a ten minute insight into the power of imagery with the goal of celebrating the value of human stewardship of our wildlands. It will be a quick taste of how I use the camera as a tool and why you (as an advocate for nature) should too. Create depth – connections – interest in your images.

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Is this Renewable Energy?

I’ve been working in the desert for some 5 seasons doing botanical surveys.  On a professional level, I love being on these mega-surveys that help collect important botanical and biological information about desert environments that are almost unexplored, untouched by human footsteps.  I can’t share all of what I’ve seen, but truly, the desert is a living, thriving place.

There is no doubt in my mind that desert biology is an acquired taste, and lets just say we have some fine vintages in Southern California.

Up close and personal with the desert: Desert Horned Lizard.

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