Celebrating Independence… from Cars – Transit and Trail Triple Threat Photojournal

Sky Islands in Mt. Hamilton country

I’ll start this one off by thanking the Bay Area Open Space Council & Transit and Trails for helping create a movement in which people are excited to enjoy the outdoors without contributing to our carbon-pregnant atmosphere.  This celebrates American independence in so many ways.  It celebrates ingenuity.  It celebrates access for all.   It celebrates the kinetic power of human flesh.  Our bodies are amazing tools for enjoying life.  We must take care of them.  Yeah, human flesh, that’s pretty cool huh?

This TnT trip provides insight towards understanding the true cost of energy needed for “recreational” travel.  We all want to get outside and go play.   But do we need to grab the car keys to get there.  It’s a reflex we need to unlearn.  Cars do not need to be a necessary component of recreation.  Celebrate independence without a car, like all American’s should.

Do we need to burn so much fuel for our own entertainment?  Do you ever wonder how much of that highly contested foreign oil is spent on national defense activity?  According to the Department of Defense, The DoD’s total primary energy consumption in Fiscal Year 2006 was 1100 trillion Btu.   That’s roughly what the entire country of Nigeria uses annually.  What if the military used transit? (Ha!)  What if we spent 1/2 our military budget on education? (Ha, not funny) Now that would be energy well spent.

TnT at the BART Station in Pleasant Hill, CA

One of my favorite aspects of TnT is that it helps celebrate our local resources. Our backyards are filled with wonderful natural bounty from grandiose oaks to inch worms to lions and bluebirds alike.  Nature thrives within a stones throw of our communities.  Energy independence may be most rewarding when it helps you celebrate home.

Diablo sunset

Three peaks in one day with no help from the dinosaurs (except my own as the photographer) is no small feat.

128 miles.

3 major peaks of the Bay Area.

Almost 11,000 vertical feet of elevation gain.

On June 21, 2011, 7 riders completed the Triple Threat (Mt. Hamilton, Mt. Tam   Mt. Diablo), 9 did the Double Dip (Mt. Tam & Mt. Diablo) and 2 did the Single Summit (Mt. Diablo).  Congrats to everyone.  You all rock (and roll).

Here are some chronological photos from the journey – click on any one to enlarge.  Thanks for the great times. -Lech

Ryno finishing a light breakfast and signalling TnT's start

Ready to ride at 430 am

Morning trails

That's me testing the exposure - rad.

Early morning riding on Ham

Liz, a "morning person"

Bikelight trails on Ham

Riders and sky islands

Approaching the summit - with moon still high

Some last curves

Enjoying the sunrise

Andy near the summit

Dan and Ry near the summit

Big D taking in a view

Evan and Henry on the final push

Riders on Hamilton summit

Hamilton Summiters

Descending the curves of Hamilton

Simon arriving at San Jose Caltrain

Clara at Caltrain

Wow! Chipotle burritos! Thanks

Andrea letting you know that burritos make you strong

Arriving at SF Caltrain

Annie and Jen awaiting new riders at Caltrain

REI donated a bike tech for tune-ups - thanks!

Jen enjoying the oranges Annie brought! Thanks Annie - that egg sandwich was yum!

Evan departing Caltrain

Into Marin

Cheering section in Marin! Wow!

Yeah, um, TnT is fun!

Single file up Tam via Route 1

Tom cranking up Tam under the redwoods

Half way there...

Henry on Tam

Curves and Fog of Tam

Climbing Tam

Top of Tam and it's barely 2pm!

Mt. Tam Summiters

TnT programmers and designers away from a computer!

Descending Tam

Ryno already thinking of #3

Beckman ready for Diablo at Pleasant Hill BART

Starting up Diablo in the heat

Letty and Tammie on Diablo

Sun pouring in on Diablo

Two Diablo riders from above

Diablo big bend

Water fountain = Oasis

It was hot.

The "shoelaces" of Diablo

Emmy on Diablo

Case on the last bends of Diablo

Final Diablo bends

We made it!

Two-time triple summiters! Congrats Evan, Ry and Henry


5 thoughts on “Celebrating Independence… from Cars – Transit and Trail Triple Threat Photojournal

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  2. Awesome shots! A. Chase led me to your site. I wanted to do this ride, but couldn’t make it happen. Been wanting to do it sans train ride for a 200 mile, 20K elevation gain/loss monster… in fact I know of 2 folks going for it today.

    The startrails shot is fun… I’ve seen it used in time-lapse movies… I’m gonna guess that is the moon, ufo, or a glow in the dark flying honey badger… one of the three. Looks like a plane flew through as well.

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