I Still Believe in the Tooth Fairy

Following up the longest blog post I’ve ever done – I’ll go short.  Real short.  This is my office at night.  Coyote Ridge.  I love long exposure and this one is my longest. Let’s call it 5 hours long.  But it’s not one exposure.  I used a software program called Startrails written by Achim Schaller from Freiburg, Germany.  It combines multiple exposures into a single image and it’s a powerful, powerful program.  Lots to play with in terms of both user controls as well as which images to input into the analysis.  I learned that one or two lighter images will really brighten up the finished product quickly. Thanks Achim – this program is a gem.  Click on photo to enlarge.

Can you guess what the brightness in the right part of the frame represents?

I Still Believe in the Tooth Fairy

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