Transit and Trails Hike: SF Civic Center to Muir Beach and back

Many folks hiking the new Diaz Ridge Fire Trail

So there’s this really cool trend that my car-o-phobic friends have started.  Well, they’re not completely anti-car, actually they just believe in using the car ALOT less than the average American does.  Let’s call this movement Transit and Trails.  The basic idea is that the public transit system (especially in the Bay Area) can connect the average weekend warrior with quite a few really cool spots.  For instance, you can go to the TnT site and find a trailhead, or a featured hike, and then it will help determine how to use public transit to be car-free for the journey.

We’ve ridden the three highest peaks in the Bay Area (Ham, Tam and Diablo – The Triple Threat) in one day using the transit system.  It’s great for one-way bike rides – say Tracy to San Jose.  It’s also nice for getting to nearly any East Bay Regional Park.  It’s great for one-way hikes like the trip we just completed from the Marin Headlands to Muir Beach and ending in Muir Woods.

I took a few photos of the 3 of us who ventured out for the 13-miler on Sunday.  Here’s the description and map Ryan entered into the TnT site.  This feature will be available to all users shortly, so that everyone can add their favorite trip.

It was beautiful weather and a really fun adventure.  You can get more info and become a “friend” on Facebook here.  Pictures below.

Ryan and Emmy waiting for the GG Bus

Express Bus to Spencer Bus Pad

Starting with a stair climb

Sun and Coast Live Oaks

View of Angel Island and Oakland

Coyote Spotted

Tennessee Valley Trailhead - Lots of cars - none were ours!

Views of Mt. Tam

We may have hiked the entire Miwok trail!

Arriving at the Pelican Inn

Enjoying the free shuttle from Muir Woods to the metro bus

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