Istanbul AND Constantinople: merging images


I’ve been enthralled by the act (and art) of merging images.  There’s just so much you can do with this process, both artistically and message-wise.  I think this technique has become so much more accessible with digital cameras. Like a whole lot.

Just think, about 10 years ago, the only way to get this image was to take a picture, (not forward the film), snap another, (still don’t advance film), and finally a third photo – with probably some travel in between photo locations. (Then you hope and pray the photo turns out!)

Now it’s easy as pie. I use Photoshop Elements (8 at the moment) and just love the interface and flexibility. Lots of controls, ability to do masks, all in a great program that rarely crashes (like once in a blue moon overlaid on top of a lightning storm).

All for $89. Go invest, I’m sure you’ll love it for this type of work.

A number of the textures I use can be found on my Flickr account – under the “Textures for All” tab. Feel free to experiment with them – they are Creative Commons licensed.

Here’s the main texture I used.

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