Saturday Morning with Wendy Tokuda

Wendy Tokuda is a real star.  Besides being an anchorwoman and reporter at KPIX (CBS) in the Bay Area, she’s a real advocate for the environment.  But Wendy isn’t one of those “this is what should be done types”, but rather she’s a real go-getter.  For her insatiable energy and religious devotion to the environment, she’s being written up in a Bay Area magazine.

Her work with the East Bay Park District has helped control French Broom (Genista monospessulana) in an important area of Redwood Regional Park. Notably, Wendy found pallid manzanita (Arctostaphylos pallida) seedlings within the understory of the broom plants.  I went out for the initial reconnaissance and I wasn’t convinced it was the right species (manzanita seedlings are difficult to identify with certainty).

Well, guess, what – it was the real McCoy.  Thanks for all your work Wendy.

Here are a few shots from our Saturday morning.

(shot with ambient light at Wendy’s back-left. 580EX through umbrella (1/16th power) at front right).

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