Turning a new leaf, growing a garden in 2012


Thanks everyone for all the amazing support in 2012.  My wife, Kaya, my dear friends have all been a blessing.  I love you all. 

Here are a few thoughts for 2012.  New leaves, new gardens. 

-Be a role model.  I’ve been lucky and fortunate, and I want to share the fruits of that.  I want to grow a kind,attached community.  This includes: be a great dad, inspire the next generation of land stewards, provide love to my wife and dearest. 

– Define physical structure in my life. Get into a pattern and groove with climbing, running, biking.  Do it regularly. Create a practice. 

– Take the extra time to explain.  Don’t rush through the teaching moments.  Cherish them as they are what I most strive for on any given “scheduled” course. Even if I’m late or stressed, take the time.  Identify and embrace these moments.

– Reach out and connect with new people.  Go beyond talking.  Communicate and reflect.  Return again once some time and perspective have blossomed.  Limit the one-and-done interactions. 

– Take time to find the light.  It’s always worth it. 

– Diffuse anxiety.  Don’t let the emotions of others cloud over my sun.  Be aware of the situation and digest it. Be independent in spirit and will.  Create leadership – create my own weather. As appropriate, be sensitive, but immune. 

– Start a conversation with forgiveness. Find its role in my life.  Most importantly, find ways to access it in the toughest of situations.  Create a path, walk it, maintain it. 


*Writen in Pasadena, CA. Rose bowl RV campground.


3 thoughts on “Turning a new leaf, growing a garden in 2012

  1. Your wife and baby are lucky to have you in our lives. See how happy we are in the RV?
    Intentional, calm, and forgiving 2012…here we go.

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