Not a bad place for a birthday or bachelor party or thoughts on impermanence

location: Twin Lakes, Desolation Wilderness.

Twin Lakes pano small

180 Degree Panorama of Twin Lakes – Desolation Wilderness – Click to enlarge the photo. Original is almost 10,000 pixels wide making for a great 5 foot long print!


Perseid showers overhead.  It’s 3 am and I’m slightly wh’skeyed. I think that Krishnamurti’s August 10th mediation says it best:

There is only one fact

Everything about us, within as well as without-

our relationships, our thoughts, our feelings-

is impermanent,

in a constant state of flux.

Being aware of this, the mind craves permanency,

a perpetual state of peace, of love, of goodness,

a security that neither time nor events can destroy;

therefore it creates the soul, the Atman,

and the visions of a permanent paradise.

But this permanency is born of impermanency,

and so it has within it the seeds of the impermanent.

The Book of Life by J. Krishnamurti

Great friends celebrating good times. Thank you for being a best buddy Ryan.

4 thoughts on “Not a bad place for a birthday or bachelor party or thoughts on impermanence

  1. Lechroy! Thanks for setting up a great weekend. And for the thoughts above. I sure wish you told me you were thinking about impermanence and Krishnamurti b/c I would have loved to talk about it!

    That’s also a great place to get engaged. 🙂 But I don’t have any good pics of it. Could you share that one with me please? Thanks!

  2. Where was my invite!? Happy birthday Elk – no better time to meditate on impermanence and/or drink a lot of whiskey than on one of these birthdays that mark your definitive passage into middle age. Anyway, what a beautiful post. I used to live right down the road from the Krishnamurti house in Ojai when I lived out in that valley. I think his wisdom sounds wiser when you’re quoting it than when it comes straight (well, by way of a book anyway) from the horse’s mouth. Also, did you know that he had a fleet of white Mercedes and a lover waiting for him in every port of call? That may or may not be true.

    • Double E – Thanks for the kind words. I can’t imagine being in his presence. His words often verbalize my imcomplete, incoherent thoughts. As for the fleet of white Mercedes – are you sure you’re not mixed up with the other notable Eastern-Western sage/scholar – the worm, aka Dennis Keith Rodman?

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