Interface: Transistion: Emergence: 初心

I can’t wait to meet our newest bun in the oven.  My peace around this next stage is understanding where Kaya fits in – the big sister, the inspiration, the teacher.  Kaya, our only child, is hitting amazing notes of language development, taking kinesthetic leaps, and starting to interface with the world around her as a sentient-cognitive being.  It’s an unbelievable process witnessing her mind develop, transition and emerge.  The process has been brisk.  It is also warming; it has also presented up the Buddhist ideal of the “beginner’s mind”, or shoshin. This is shoshin: 初心 – as written (by computer) in Japanese.

There are lots of ideas, books, theorems that have been born in the womb of this quality. You can read your cerebellum blue about the idea.  You can meditate the idea into a form and quality you desire, but I believe that you will fall short until you engage in the empirical experience.  There is nothing greater than acting on what you believe.  The way to discover shoshin is to be a parent.

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Two again!

Two years old: what a wonderful age.

So many smiles, such fun!  I was lucky enough to have my camera and a Canon flash (580EX) with me to capture Ella’s 2-year old party.  Kids are so expressive – especially in medium-sized groups.  I noticed kids who alone were camera shy, warming up in the larger group.  This teaches me that taking kids to a playground for a photo session may be the best way to get them to act naturally and warm up to the camera.

Here are a few shots from the party.  Click on any image to enlarge.  Thanks for letting me be two again!

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