… Of Mermaids and things.

Time to forget that baby you had less than a year ago and do a triathlon.   That’s just what these three ladies did.  Partners stood huddled on the sidelines cheering, with stork-present in hand, or at foot.

The swim was first and it was a cool, breezy day in Alameda.  Temps didn’t top 50 that morning.  Maybe the water was warmer than the air.  Here’s Leah reconsidering, Maegan excited (scared?), and Drea (certainly confused), goggles upside down and all!

Here are the blue-cappers about halfway through the swim.  SF looms in the background on a pretty darned overcast morning.


From water to bikes.  Here they sit all racked up.

The 12 mile “loop” went by quickly and soon riders were finishing up.

And soon enough, the final leg was off and finishing quickly.  Good thing because I was getting cold out there, I forgot my “summer Bay Area parka”.

Here are the ladies and kiddos all lined up at the finish!  I’m super proud of you moms, this is totally awesome.  You’re an inspiration.

So are these gals…

And here’s mom and daughter at the finish.




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