Giant Expectations with Carly and Jason and Family

So this was my first time meeting Carly and Jason, and it was memorable afternoon outside of PacBell dodging baseball fans, cars, and singlespeeds.

Carly (the bride) is seen here hanging “on” her sister Layne.  They’re definitely a dynamic duo.  They like to smile, laugh, and generally incite “good-timedness”. We had a ball outside of the game trying on a few different “engagement session” poses. You kn0w, the usual stuff – the Willie Mays, Abbey Road.  

Tricia and Nathan

I thought it was really sweet when Carly asked that the “engagement” shoot celebrate her step mom, Tricia, who was enjoying a birthday.  Go Giants!

Life under the palms is good

Here are Jason and Carly, with the family in front of Pac Bell.  Very cool birthday outing if you ask me!

Carly and Jason with the birthday crew

The “Say Hey Kid” pose.  Done in style… and in traffic!

Everyone's homerin'

Mom enjoying a birthday with her son, Andrew.

Mom and son

One of my favorite shots – black and white with Willie Mays looming overhead.

Diehard Giants fans

Okay, so here was the real fun.  We had a team huddle and decided to give Abbey Road a shot.  Needless to say, we weren’t the only people crossing the street, so we had some dodging, running, and ducking to do.  All said and done, no cars or pedestrians were hurt during this shoot and I think everyone had a pretty good time.

Here's to Abbey, I mean King St.

Outtakes… gotta love ’em.

Getting in Sync on King St.

Sisters directing traffic

5 out of 6: Grade B

Can wait ’til the reception, I’m 101% sure it will be fun.  Congrats Jason and Carly!

Cheers to that!

3 thoughts on “Giant Expectations with Carly and Jason and Family

  1. Oh Lech…This is soooooo precious! I love them all and your narrative really captures the moment! And, again what an awesome surprise. I had so much fun and I will treasure these photos so much! Thank you!!

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