Mainiacs and Other Right Coast Kids

Oh, I'm gonna do it... It's on my bucket list

I had a ridiculous time hanging with the Right Coast F1 generation.  It was super awesome to see you all – I only wish it could have been for longer… I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves. Click on any photo to make it a touch bigger.

– Much love from Uncle Leeroy!

Yeah, that's a play hug.

Oakley and Kaya in CT stix


Ben, Oakley, Kaya

Suze doing double duty

Kaya working on her tan

The Cool Atlantic

Sandcastles are big

extreme Bean paddlin

Cooler than most

Seal and Maesa

Lori, John, and Aoife

Six ladies!

Dudes too

Maesa, Sean, and Seal

Maesa in Turner

Generally always laughing Maesa

smiling again

lots of room to play

John and Aoife sharing a moment

Kaya riverside (nice mosquito bite huh?)

Maesa riverside snack

Scotch, scotch, scotch, I love scotch (name the reference?)

One thought on “Mainiacs and Other Right Coast Kids

  1. Lech! All of these are so beautiful- you have such amazing talent! Thanks for capturing the essence of Maesa- it is so special to see it in still form as she is VERY busy these days! love to you all out there!

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