Carly and Jason – August 13th, 2011

I think I kinda like kissing photos!

Only one day after my birthday I had a rip roaring time celebrating with Carly and Jason for their wedding party at the Crow’s Nest in Santa Cruz, CA.  The day started off with a typical marine layer that burned off just in time for a bright and sunny celebration right on the beach. Everyone was at the Lighthouse on time for formals… well almost.  But the lucky couple finished strong.  FYI: Click on any photo to get larger, higher quality image.


Late for a very important date 🙂

I felt really lucky to have some time to rally with Carly and Jason, because they do exactly that – rally.  They’re both hard workers and they both seem to play pretty hard.  Surrounded by a warm family, it was quite the way to spend a mid-August afternoon.

Family at the Lighthouse

Congrats to Carly and Jason – thanks for all the great times!  Many more memories and photos below.

Family on the Jacks!


Moose ears, too.

Lots of piggy-back rides in this crew!

keyword: smiles and fun

Off to the reception

Carly and Moe - Moe made sure everyone was on time and in sync. Yeah Moe!

Collecting grains of sand from everyone.

Amazing aps and good dinner too! Great job Crow's Nest.

More piggybacks - reminiscent of the engagement shoot!

Outdoor photobooth - yeah there were some fun photos happening

photobooth again.

yup, more photobooth

This was later in the evening...

lots of great times

First dance in the sunset.

I heard they partied into next week. Now that's an epic party!

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