A Study in Mitts

Last weekend included some nice times with friends at Tahoe Memorial State Park.  Our most notable event was the pre-burn celebration wherein we burned a stack of kindling that was inspired by the famous Goldsworthy’s “Egg”.  We took that egg and gave it a couple of extra curves and turned it into an hourglass.  So, really, it’s um, time burned.

Hourglass, burned

We also spent some time shaking a bit of bouldering rust off.  It wasn’t pretty.  There are some good color full body shots, but really, its amazing how overworked our hands must have been – out of shape and knowing it.

So here’s a shot of three peeps (well two and a wifey) at work –  Jereme, Dan and Drea.  I love how the black and white bring these “tools” into focus.   How they sing of strain and struggle.  Just hands.  Body, balance, difficulty are irrelevant.  It’s nothing but mitts here.   Click on a pic to enlarge.












So I took to create some higher contrast images with some presets I created in Lightroom.  I basically didn’t touch the “Contrast” – rather I went to pushing the “lights” a ton to get good fill, and then adjusting colors individually – reducing red thru green and slightly increasing blue thru magenta – about a -20/+20 shift for each color.  Contrast is at +29 (only a +4 from regular settings).

3 thoughts on “A Study in Mitts

  1. I’m diggin’ the b&w hands! when i was a kid, i loved looking at my dad’s and grandma’s hands because they were veiny and fun to squish against the bones. love that stuff.

      • and now that i’m officially an “adult,” i can’t get enough of baby/kid hands. so soft and chubby! yoshi loves her rock climbing. she’s a powerhouse.

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