Conservation Lands Network Report Released

Grassland of the Hamilton range

We’re celebrating the release of the Bay Area Open Space Council’s Conservation Lands Network Report, which helps identify the next million acres that would be more suitable for habitat protection in the Bay Area.  As a professional ecologist I sat on the Steering Committee and Vegetation workgroup of this project. It was an amazing experience to be surrounded by so many luminaries and brilliant thinkers.  

The East Bay Headlands - Point Molate

Additionally, I also contributed photos to the publication to help provide depth and detail to the project and the lands it hopes to protect.  Here are a few Bay Area natural shots that sing the praises of our wonderfully complex and well-loved home.

Dr. Stu Weiss collecting Bay Checkerspot larvae at Coyote Ridge

Our keystone herbivore

Sunset on Vollmer Peak, Berkeley

Here’s a screenshot from the Intro section with a favorite picture of Wendy Tokuda at work on French broom.

3 thoughts on “Conservation Lands Network Report Released

  1. Thanks for posting about the Conservation Lands Network, Lech! And more importantly thank you for all that you did to contribute to the project!

    Annie and the team at the Open Space Council

  2. Lech, thanks for the great blog post! Your contribution and many others like yours have made this process a success. I’m looking forward to working with you and others in the conservation community to implement this vision!

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