Introducing Kaya Evelyn

Ok, so lets start with the facts:

1. My fantastic wife gave birth to sweet Kaya Evelyn on St. Patrick’s Day, 2011.  Ariel was our amazing doula.

1b. I bet it hurt more than I can ever imagine.

2. Kaya tipped the scales at 7lbs and 8oz and at 20 inches is probably ready to sign up for the WNBA.  She’s more of a point guard than a strong forward.

3. Yes, I’m ridiculously happy, lucky, humbled.  I mean really, I spent hours balancing Kaya on a stuffed turtle.  She is a pisces.

4. We didn’t find out if she was a she until the big day.  That was fun.  I don’t believe we’ll have any shortage of pink dresses.

5. I heard that we’re already number one on the regional cute baby list.

6. She’s already part of Red Sox nation.

7. She smiled at day 3 – Beale genes.  I think it would have happened in two days had she had a cheesehead hat on her.

8. She loves Roxy and they talk often.

9. I know, I know, this pose is illegal is thirty California counties – but not in our house!

10.  I think I’ve seen this look before… many times.

11. Like daddy, she likes to streak late night searching for a cheap burrito and the next afterbar – Naumovich genes.

12. She’s got some beautiful long fingers for finger cracks – let’s call ’em hybrid genes.

13.  There’s nothing unlucky about this number today.  I feel like the luckiest dude alive.

11 thoughts on “Introducing Kaya Evelyn

  1. FINALLY SOME PIX!! Well Done. So ridiculously adorable. Not sure I would have posted that #9, not because of the pose to the baby, but dude, you have ZERO tone to your arms these days…

    Congrats & Love from Minneapolis! Can’t wait to meet her. Keep posting photos.

  2. Beautiful kid. I think she is definitely number one on the regional cute baby list. Girls are the best! Super psyched for both of you!

  3. Right now she looks just like Daddy! (Well, except for that hairline. . . .) Thanks for letting us come and play in the photo lab with her this weekend. We had a grand time.

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