Chasing Ladies on Coyote Ridge

Christal sexing the butterfly

As you know, I chase butterflies. Mostly its been larva (these little black caterpillars that have the slightest of orange spots and are very difficult to spot) at Coyote Ridge, Santa Clara county.  Sometimes you can spend a whole day looking for the little guys and well, that’s your day.  In good years, like this year, we’ve found many “mini-cats” on the cool slopes of Coyote Ridge.

Peak bloom for Coyote Ridge - I dare you try to point out a non-native in this photo?!

About a week ago (actually 4-6-11), I stepped up into the big leagues.  Yup, real butterflies.  Wings, antennae, real, butterfly parts… not just black slinkies with orange spots.  As part of the restoration of Bay Checkerspot butterflies, Creekside Science has obtained US Fish and Wildlife Service permits to move adults to Edgewood Natural Preserve in San Mateo.  Well guess what, that means we get to catch them.  Much to the my chagrin, my parents always believed that I “chased butterflies”, and well, now, after saying it for about 15 years, they are correct.

Jimmy with a lady, her mobile home, a cooler, wildflowers and cows - Paradise!

Here are some images of the 18 ladies that we transferred successfully.  Bon chance, Bay Checkerspots!  Let’s hope the mini-cat hunting is very prosperous in 2012.

Yes we do look like this catching butterflies

My first pick-up at the park!

Glam shot of this pregnant hottie

Jimmy, eyes on the prize

Many thanks to the Friends of Edgewood for all their support over the years – they are awesome!   Here’s a great Bay Nature article on Edgewood Park.

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