Wisconsin Ho!

So it’s been a few years since I’ve called Wisconsin home.  I enjoyed by undergraduate work there enormously.  The University was a buzz with great things from outstanding programs in the Sciences and Liberal Arts, to social demonstrations, to wonderful art and great community.  In case you’re wondering, University of Wisconsin Madison is the number one place to do your undergraduate degree AND get an education.

So with great pleasure I’ve done a small collaboration with Eli Evans, freshman-year dorm friend and writer extraordinaire.  He’s one of the members of the Wisco-crew that continues to meet up on a regular basis and generally cause trouble when we get together.  So is Ryan, and its his birthday so happy birthday buddy.  Now back to the news at hand.

Eli had a bit to say about the political situation in Wisconsin.  He’s never been called, um, “shy” when it comes to his pen.  His wit and creativity deserve five minutes of your time.  Believe me.  I hope you’ll give it a read: article 1 and article 2 (wherein my photo appears). Here are a couple of photos I sent to Eli under the guidance of “barren and moody couldn’t hurt”.  The last one was selected.

Thanks for your work on keeping the Wisconsin dream alive.

Oh, and here’s a bonus shot of the infamous Evil Evans – Rose Bowl 2011!

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