Kaya swims with the turtles, and other nature revelations

It's like I'm growing up at the zoo

So it’s been a little over one month since my life really took off.  Nope, not my photography career, or my latest book peaking on the NYT bestseller list, but rather the birth of lil’ Kaya Evelyn.  It’s been an amazing ride and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Truly a miracle – truly its impossible to put into words.  Taking after daddy, she’s already tossing around many philosophical looks (predominantly when pooping), including magnum-pee-in-my-pants and blue-steel-waiting-for-more-milk-ma.

Kaya - blue-steel-waiting-for-more-milk-ma look

Drea, my wife, dreamt about turtles with Kaya in utero, and so they’ve become a bit of a totem for her.  Seeing she’s a Pisces, turtles make perfect sense.  Especially when she looks kinda grumpy like one.

Note the resemblance.

After the studio shoot, we popped outside in order to get our allergies, I mean biophilia, going.  You know that the word poopies and poppies are only one letter apart.

Poppies and Ms. Poopies

We hope to see you all soon!  Much love from Kaya, Drea, and Lech.

Lavender makes me sleepy

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