Slideshow for Bay Area Open Space Council

Grassland Research in the Hamilton Range

I was honored to be asked by the Bay Area Open Space Council to do a slideshow for their annual conference in the Presidio, SF, CA.  The theme of the conference was healthy land and healthy people and frankly, that’s something I care about dearly.

Well-planned cattle grazing helps maintain our landscapes

Being a restoration ecologist in my “other” life, I find that healthy land and healthy people come together (or are co-generated) in restoration practice.  Although often these two are not a part of the rhetoric of restoration science, they often fall into “restoration practice journals” and other grayish literature.  And the icing on the cake is the truly non-material interactions/phenomenon that happen when you connect physically with the earth – plug your hands into the dirt – those are the most important of all.  The psychological component of restoration that really keeps our minds and brains healthy – therefore keeping our land healthy – should be a central focus and essence of our scientific work.

Monitoring Presidio Clarkia (endangered) at Redwood Park, Oakland

Monitoring goldfields and grasses alike, a stone's throw from San Jose

Catching Mission Blue Butterflies at San Bruno Mountain, South SF, CA

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