Fear, Restoration, and the Release of the Art of Photography

Top of the world at Yosemite NP

I was fortunate to share my dining room with Rich Walkling on Monday this past week.  Rich is an accomplished restoration ecologist, currently working at Restoration Design Group in Berkeley.  He and I have continued to bump into each other over the years, sharing similar interests and motivations in life.

Rich has started this extraordinary interview project wherein he interviews environmentalists mid-career about how they arrived at their current place in time and where they are looking at going.  It was such a fun time touching base with my past and how I came to be where I’m at.  The interview made me recognized how blessed I am with my life.

self portrait

Rich was is an excellent interviewer, calm and kind.  He’s very smart and well read, so there’s no pulling the wool over his eyes.  So we talked about everything from Poland to growing up in St. Louis to Golden Hour (my non-profit) to botany and photography.  He took my babble and made it into a story.  Great editing and great interview.  Here’s 45 minutes of pure Lech.  Thanks Rich!

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