B-E-S-T engagement photo… Evah!

Sometimes you’re just at the right place at the right time. And sometimes that’s enough, but if you don’t have the right people, the place and time are almost meaningless… well at least for photography. And actually, as I think about that a bit more, it’s a truism that rings throughout everything we do. Pleasurable, fulfilling life experiences become so much richer when place, time, and personality come together.

So here we are at Golden Gate park enjoying a remarkable spring day when we come across a gang of people.

cherry blossoms backlit web

Truth be told, I was there for an engagement shoot that I’ll share in another post. (Which was also great, but we weren’t quite there at the right time… you’ll see).

So Meg and Dave got engaged recently and they are great folk we’ve known for quite sometime. They’re SF City dwellers, climbers, beer connoisseurs and generally fun-loving, quirky folk. Oh, and they don’t like photos. So I told them I’d grab a few photos quickly and candidly, just as a fun thing to celebrate their engagement. Painless right.

Well, painless quickly turned to pretty cute as I got this shot of them on the bridge over Stow Lake.

M-D GG Park-3 web

From there we were close to done but I wanted to show them this really cool waterfall I didn’t know existed in the Park. Well, sure enough, someone else was enjoying this backdrop for, ehem, promotional purposes. And yes, this man didn’t need much promotion if you ask me:)

M-D GG Park-19 web

So anyway, we joked for a bit, made friendly with the man and he seemed ok with our plan.  Here’s the final result: True love and bodybuilding all in one!

M-D GG Park-21 web

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