2011 Wedding shots I love

Two thousand eleven was truly a wonderful year.  A watershed year where I was blessed with some great partnerships, solo photographic opportunities and room for growth.  I learned and learned and I thank you for that opportunity.

As I look back to the weddings of 2011, each one had amazing set shots.  Bodies were posed and eyes directed to create quality, heartfelt images.  Beyond those set shots were the moments in between.  Capturing those moments is where the true magic happened.  No amount of “try this” could supersede the authenticity of a stolen kiss, a smirk, or a guffaw.  It made all the posing worth it, I think.

  These are the photos that I will forever cherish and say thank you to letting me be a part of your most important day.  I feel extremely honored.

Here are 16 shots I love.  All packaged into one small sized PDF.  Please enjoy.



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