Project 52: Vision Statement

I’m restarting Don Giannatti’s Project 52 this year. I enjoyed it for all it was worth last year, but failed to fully commit.  We had a baby.  I got into being a dad.  I kind slacked pretty hard on work enjoying my new life… you know.  I’m hoping for a better show this year! Here’s assignment 1:

My Vision for my photography – I am a botanist and restoration ecologist by training and desire. I want other people to get hooked on nature like I am. At minimum, I want them to at least take a second, closer look at our plants, dirt and birds alike. It’s truly amazing how much richer every day is when ecology and nature is on your radar. That said, we need to conserve those places that give us access to these feelings of wonderment and peace. Therefore, my vision is to create engaging and interesting photographs about conserving and stewarding our natural resources. I want to celebrate conservation and make the science of ecology accessible through images.

Pictured above: Silver bush lupine seedling at Point Molate, CA, a place that was threatened by a casino as recently as a few months ago.  The casino proposal was destroyed by public support for “something better, even if Richmond is starving for jobs”.   Now Point Molate needs a plan and vision itself.  Notice all the browns, greys, greens and yellows among the lupine leaves.  As this habitat awakens the green will shine into the warmer summer months.

3 thoughts on “Project 52: Vision Statement

  1. What a great project. The reason for my first “getting into” the outdoors and then adopting conservation as my career was when I would go on hikes with botanists and biologists and learn how to really walk slowly and attentively through a landscape from them. Your work is bringing that to people. I can’t wait to see what images you create!

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