Single umbrella, lovely lady

So here’s my homage to one good light, one fast lens and a beautiful lady (eh hem, she’s my wife).  Simple set up in the living room with a blanket hanging from the doorframe.  One off-camera Canon speedlight (580 EX) and a 33″ shoot-thru umbrella.  Canon 50mm prime set at f2.2.  I have a little bounce (small light disk) on camera left to provide some fill.  I think this baby just sings.  And I think my babe is beautiful.  Single umbrella, lovely lady.  I’m a lucky dude!

One more of my buddy Peter – converted to black/white. (He’s also kinda cute)  This one is shot at f2.8, I believe.  Instead of a bounce card, I have a second fill firing at 1-2 stops under the key.  All done in the living room… with a shoot thru umbrella and some light control.


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