Project 52: Week #3 – with an 2/5/11 update

I was inspired to get started on Project 52 because Don’s assignments have been challenging and interesting.  Week #2 was photographing a stranger.  This was truly a fun experience wherein people were typically interested in the project, even if they weren’t comfortable stopping for a photo.  Thank you world for a great experience into the unknown.

Week #3 was a bit more innocuous but challenging… a still life.  Something in the house.  Wow, that leaves, um, a lot of possibilities.  I shot apples, oranges, flowers, rock, lemons, peanuts and myriad other inanimates that were nearby.  I settled on the below picture emphasizing overlapping light sources and unique natural textures.  One overhead halogen and a radio-triggered shoe-mount flash gave this two-toned shadow feel that I really liked.  Both light sources are from camera left – one parallel to the plane on which the objects sat, and a second above at about a 45 degree angle.

Here’s the result.

UPDATE (2/5/11): This photo was had picked by Don for having “beautiful composition and lighting”.  Wow – that makes my day!  Here are some more outstanding shots from this project – mine is the last one.  I feel really inspired by this group/project!


also, another take on week 2 that I liked:

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