Mastering Your DSLR Workshop – San Francisco

We have one (maybe two) slots left for our February 1 workshop in San Francisco. This will be modeled after the January workshop where we spent the day going over techniques/methods – photographing – talking and repeat! We had a great time and I’ve heard lots of positive feedback from attendees.

Who’s this for? Amateurs who are interested in getting the most out of their camera (usually a DSLR, but an advanced compact is great too!). You’ll be joining a small group of about 4 people and will be working together and learning as a group. It will be fun, instructional, and very interactive with fast feedback on what you’re learning!

Workshop you say?

Okay, so you have this DSLR thingy sitting on your desk and it’s a mighty fine paperweight. But boy, oh boy, does it have a coolness factor when you’re seen in public with it. Except, it’s kinda heavy, it has tons of buttons with odd abbreviations and honestly, your iPhone takes similar quality pics.

peter cranky bw 2013

Well, this small 5 person workshop aims to conquer the button fear and help you springboard into better photos using some key concepts and some really great features on the DSLR.  Yes, you can read the manual, but will you? And that video your aunt gave you… will you ever really watch it? Why not come hang out with other folks who have some skills, some interest and a desire to get better photos in camera without a bunch of Photoshop post-processing. What will we cover: here’s a small taste of what we’ll try to touch on in 6 hours.

  • basic focus modes
  • how to get really sharp photos
  • exposure/metering modes
  • getting white balance right
  • exposure compensation
  • using your camera as a light meter
  • controlling depth of field
  • color and toning presets
  • understanding lens characteristics
  • JPG and other file formats
  • basics to classic portrait setup
  • working angles
  • amazing backgrounds
  • controlling ambient lighting conditions
  • best uses of flash/lighting in 5 minutes
  • photography in nature – landscapes and macros – tips and ideas (application of the above principles)
  • motion blur (Tv)

CNGA websized-2167

Equipment required: A camera, a tripod if you have one, your humor.

Date/Time: 10-4:30 pm. Feb. 1st – 2014.

Size: Max is 5 people!

Location: SF – I will let you know privately where we’re at – think Presidio and Land’s End…

Cost: $150 includes nice local lunch – $50 deposit non-refundable deposit required by Jan 29.

Email me to reserve a spot! we only have 1-2 left!

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