December Calendar Release – Kicking off a New Project

I’m very excited to start a new mini-project celebrating unique landscapes and people’s connection to them.  I will create a file that includes a bit of a description of the place, a photo of the place (of course), and a monthly calendar!

Dec 2012 Calendar desktop Hamilton copy

The first one, December 2012, is a celebration of quiet and peaceful places among a matrix of urban areas.  The Mt. Hamilton Range, east of San Jose, is just that place.  A number of private landowners have helped preserve this dramatic landscape filled with true wild-ness, aka wilderness!

Please feel free to download this image (click on the image to open a new window – then right click and “save as”) and use it as your background image on your computer!

Let me know what you think, and please let me know if you have favorite places you’d like celebrated as unique, rare, and managed with a mindful hand.

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