Conserving Natives – Both Plants and Knowledge

I was recently approached by a naturopathic physician about art for her healing space.  I was immediately excited about the idea since she was also very interested in my ties to local botany and ecology.  A match made in heaven – healing, botany, conservation.  Yeah, sign me up!

From quite a bit of brainstorming I’ve created a few templates of ideas for art that will be healing, revealing, and insightful – allowing viewers to both engage in the aesthetic elements of botany, as well as known native people’s use(s) of the plant in a medicinal context.  The ecological elements that provide information on sense of place, conservation status, or another interesting element are bonus!

Here’s a triptych I put together for illustration of a trilogy of photos that I recommend framing separately and considering for a exhibition space of 5’4″ feet by 16″ or so, with each photo printed on canvas at roughly 16×16 inches.

Thanks for any and all feedback via comment or toss me a note at  May amazing plants like showy Indian clover (Trifolium amoenum) continue to thrive with restoration efforts.  Click for a larger view of the triptych.  More to come…

Any recommendations on favorite canvas printing outlets?

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