Lori and Stephen elope in Grand Teton National Park

Lori and Stephen have a wonderfully storied past of travels to exotic places, indulging in life, and just plain having a good time in each others’ company.  They decided to tie the knot in a small, private ceremony, paying attention to each other, and their vows, more than the celebration of getting married.  They shared many intense glances and enthusiastic laughs throughout our photo session.  Most of all, I loved their sass.  The classic backdrop of the Grand Teton was epic, worthy of their character and love.  The following are a few shots from this session with Fisher Creative in Teton National Park.  

Since Mark (Fisher Creative) was shooting with an Elinchrom and creating amazing strobe lit shots of the couple, I used the available light to provide another feel to the images provided to the couple.  I pushed some exposures (read: overexposed the image) and converted them into a high key bw.  Others were on the darker side and were saturated with color.  A third treatment offers a slightly desaturated and faded look to the images.  One image (sepia toned) was processed as an “antique plate”.

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