Rick and Susan’s Wedding: A Sneak Peak

Rick and Susan were married only a stones throw from heaven.  Perched atop of Jackson Hole’s Mountain Resort, the quaint Couloir restaurant made for a most private and unforgettable evening.  There’s nothing like a wedding venue that requires a tram ride!

I photographed this wedding with my good friend and mentor, Mark Fisher.  He invited me to the Tetons for some work, and we worked.  Many days of shooting and processing ensued.  It was an invaluable experience learning from him.  He normally haunts the Hole in the winter hunting for fresh powder, but he’s known to slow it down a bit and shoot an occasional wedding here and there.  I learned buckets of technique and tips working with Mark.  It was a privilege and an honor.

Mark’s photography is founded in German precision. (He did study in Germany on a Fulbright after all.)  Focus, color balance, composition – are all required elements.  There’s no “kinda okay” photo for Mark – it’s either meeting expectation, or its doomed to roam a LaCie backup drive for eternity.

Below are a few more pictures from what was a truly memorable wedding.  You’ll notice a couple of different “finishes” – black and white, color, and old polar (last pic).  These finishes are used to bring out different elements in each of the moments.  I also tend to push a few in high key, but those are not represented here.  I believe that its nice to offer a couple of color finishes without going hog wild and having too many “feels” in a constrained group of photos.

Perched high in the Tetons, the love among family and friends was evident here.  The thin air made for great dancing and warm smiles.  I wish Rick and Susan all the best as they move onto the next stage of life together.

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